Welcome to Coram Deo Lyceum 

Homeschool Support Group!

Coram Deo - (Latin) "before the face of God"

Spring Semester 2023 Begins:   Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Career Day:  Wednesday, April 5, 2023;  1:30pm - 2:30pm

Coram Deo Lyceum is a Christian classical homeschool support group that partners with families in the East Valley as they educate their children. We are not a formal school, but we are a Christian homeschool support group for families who desire assistance and resources that will enable them to equip their children to be successful learners and faithful stewards of God's gifts. As former homeschool moms, we understand the challenges of time, confidence, and chaos homeschooling brings to your family. That is why we are here – to support you as you homeschool, to let you know that you are not alone, and to help you be confident, relaxed, and successful as you train up your children. If you need a class, tutoring help, or a sense of community, Coram Deo Homeschool Support Group will partner with you to meet your needs. 

At Coram Deo Lyceum, learning is focused on the classical model. Classical education has a long tradition that is deeply rooted in Western Civilization. It focuses on training the mind for wisdom and cultivating virtue in the heart. At Coram Deo Lyceum, we base the classical tradition of a well-rounded liberal arts education on Biblical principles and values as students pursue excellence in all they do to the glory of God. 

Our goal for your children is for them to love learning, to keep learning throughout their lives, to see the world through a Biblical worldview, and to find meaning and value in all aspects of life. At Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group, your children will analyze original source documents and trace the great ideas of history, science, literature, and art that enable them to consider what is true and good and beautiful. Coram Deo Lyceum was founded to provide teachers who will come alongside parents and students and to support them as they face and overcome obstacles on their way to success. God has prepared a unique role for your children to fulfill in their families, in their nation, and in their relationships. We hope to walk beside you and help disciple your children to fulfill their God-given potential and to know, serve, love, and glorify the God who made them.

Coram Deo Lyceum is an ESA approved vendor.