Spring 2023

Grammar Stage Courses - Grades 1 - 6

Students who register at Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group may register for one class, multiple classes, tutoring, or a combination. Please fill out the Registration documents and a Class Choice form for the appropriate grade level. A separate Registration and Class Choice form must be filled out for each student. Please check the link for the Class Choice Form on the registration page to see what classes are being offered for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

Spalding Phonics: (Grades 1-3) instruction, drill, and review of phonograms, word recognition, word fluency, reading fluency, handwriting, spelling

Math: (Grades 1-6) Saxon Math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, beginning geometry (upper grades)

Reading/Literature Studies: (Grades 4-6) Classic age-appropriate novels, comprehension questions, class discussions, vocabulary, projects

History & Geography: (Grades 4-6) Reading, discussion, comprehension questions, projects, timeline, model making, map making

Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary: (Grades 4-6) Parts of speech, sentence structure and fluency, sentence diagramming, punctuation, mechanics of writing, spelling

Science Investigations: (Grades 4-6) Hands on projects and demonstrations as we investigate animals and their God-given instincts. We will make paper as we study a paper wasp nest, make a paper glider as we study flying squirrels, we will investigate the food chain, and watch mold grow, just to name a few of our “Science Investigations.”

Creating with the Creator: (Grades 4 - 6) Students learn creativity and problem solving, the elements and principles of art, and art skills and techniques. Various art mediums are explored, and a famous, artist is introduced to complement each lesson and give the student a sense of art history and styles. Most significantly, each lesson points to a biblical truth. We acknowledge God as the Great Creator and we strive to glorify Him by co-creating with Him through the gift of creativity He gave us.

Grading: Teachers will grade and record assignments. Grade logs will be available to parents on request, and teachers will give parents a copy of grade logs for each class at the end of the semester.