Why Classical at Coram Deo Lyceum?

To Develop a Biblical Worldview

Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group is dedicated to teaching from a Biblical perspective. Every person has a worldview – a basic set of beliefs, values, and assumptions which governs all their thoughts and all their actions. Those thoughts and actions eventually impact and shape their culture. A Christian’s worldview, shaped and molded by God’s Word – the Bible - sees, interprets, and applies all things through the truth of God’s Word. It is the Bible which is the final authority for all of faith and life and instructs Christians how they are to respond to God, to others, and to events. When education is focused on a Biblical worldview, it enables students to see and live all of life through the truths contained in the Bible.

To Provide a Classical Education

Classical educators at Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group do more than teach in their subject areas and provide knowledge - they aim to cultivate wisdom and virtue in their students. Rooted in the rich traditions of Western culture, classical education employs ancient and tested methods of instruction that allow students to learn and blossom. At the heart of a Classical education is the Trivium, an educational model that divides learning into three stages – the Grammar stage, the Logic stage, and the Rhetoric stage - which guide students to mastery in critical thinking, history, science, language arts, logic, and math skills.

The Grammar Stage – (Grades 1 - 6) takes advantage of a young child’s inquisitive nature and ability to easily memorize facts and recite events. This is the stage when math facts are learned, chronological order is emphasized, and when copious amounts of historical and Biblical information is absorbed.

The Logic or Dialectic Stage – (Grades 7 - 9) encourages older children to question, investigate, and use their tendency to argue in a productive way through the use of logic, reasoning, and cause and effect relationships. This stage focuses on the ability to identify logical fallacies and to develop techniques for argument. Students are encouraged to question, seek the truth, and defend their thinking. Learning to develop complex writing occurs at this stage. Writing well is one of the most difficult and the most important skills students will carry into adulthood.

The Rhetoric Stage – (Grades 10 - 12) brings together the knowledge students have learned and begins to prepare them for college or career through rigorous learning, discussion, and writing. It is the Rhetoric Stage which enables students to use their reason and a Biblical worldview to solve difficult problems and to analyze, synthesize, and express their own thoughts through advanced writing and speaking. As students mature through the Rhetoric Stage, they become confident, life-long learners who are prepared to live to the glory of God.

Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group looks forward to partnering with and supporting you on your homeschool journey.