Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group

Decorum and Discipline

The purpose of Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group is to foster godliness and Christlikeness in every area of study and life for students and teachers. The guidelines below govern the expectations for student behavior when on campus or attending an off-campus event.

  1. Respect is a virtue which all at Coram Deo Lyceum are expected to practice in sincerity and truth. Students show respect to adults when they acknowledge them and address them with their title (Mr., Mrs., Miss., etc.) and their last name.

  2. Students are expected to treat each other with respect, kindness, integrity, and purity.

  3. Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group is partnered with The Source Church. Our members (students and their families) are expected to abide by and assist with the facility’s upkeep, privacy, and safety procedures. We will be godly stewards of the gift of community space provided for our learning and fellowship. The facilities of Coram Deo Lyceum are to be kept neat, clean, and orderly. Our motto: Leave it better than you found it!

  4. Students are expected to use quiet voices and to walk and not run or rough-house when transitioning from one class to another or from class to home.

  5. Technology devices are not allowed in class unless express written permission is given by a student’s teacher and acknowledged in writing by a parent. (Devices which are medical in nature such as those which monitor blood glucose levels, etc., are exempted. Parents should make the teachers aware of such a need.)

  6. Students are expected to reflect Christ by speaking truthfully and honestly and by acting with uprightness toward others. Failure to meet decorum and discipline expectations may lead to consequences such as conferencing with parents and being asked to leave the class(s).