Coram Deo Lyceum Homeschool Support Group

Dress Code

Coram Deo Lyceum seeks to promote modesty and discretion in our support group. The dress code below is fairly casual, but does follow guidelines that promote our values.


  • Polo shirt or shirt with collar

      • Solid color - no emblems, logos, or patterns

      • Buttoned – top button may remain unbuttoned


  • Long pants

      • Solid color - No lycra, leggings, joggers

            • Khaki, Navy, or Black

            • No ripped jeans

  • Knee length shorts or skirts

      • Solid color - No lycra, bike shorts, etc.

            • Khaki, Navy, or Black


  • Closed toe shoes

    • Tennis shoes/sneakers

    • No flip flops, sandals, or open toed shoes

Outer Wear

  • Solid Color

  • Navy, Red, or Black

    • Sweaters or Jackets

    • No hoodies

    • No Sweatshirts


  • Boys hair should be off their collars, off their ears, and out of their eyes

      • No unusual cuts of hair

      • No unnatural hair color

  • Girls hair should be a natural color

      • No unnatural hair color

      • No unusual cuts of hair


  • Boys – No jewelry

  • Girls – modest, single necklace or single pair of earrings